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About LED By Passion

LED BY Passion. Because the best growers need the best LED grow lights

LED By Passion sell the worlds best brands of LED grow lights. 
We act as European distributors for some of the best USA grow light manufacturers such as Fluence and California Lightworks. We also sell some of the best performing European built LED grow lights such as GrowSpec, GN, SANlight. And we offer budget-price LED grow lights from CT Lite. You can buy our lights directly from our website and get a free e-voucher to spend on the Dutch Passion (seed) website with every grow light you buy. 

Fully tested grow lights

Each of the grow lights in our collection have undergone several full cycle grow tests. This includes veg and bloom growth phases. LED By Passion are a member of the Dutch Passion group. This means the full grow test is done by highly experienced professionals. Our team know exactly what to look for in an LED grow light. They demand the highest manufacturing and performance standards. When you buy an LED grow light from us you can be sure of great results. To keep costs low, we buy LED grow lights in bulk and sell from our website at the lowest price. If you are a grow shop owner or wholesaler and are interested in buying large commercial quantities please email us at

Growing with LED grow lights

You get the best taste, aroma and potency with LED grow lights. LED grow lights use less electricity than a comparable HPS light. LED also produces less heat, and doesn’t need regular bulb changes. An LED grow light can allow adjustable spectrum and programmable control. It’s a superior and easier way to grow. If you need any help selecting the best grow light for you then please e-mail one of our specialists via

Why buy from LED By Passion

We continually evaluate, test and rate new grow lights, from both existing and new suppliers.  Everything is shipped directly from our Maastricht warehouse in the centre of the EU. All products come with full guarantees and full support. Shipping is free in The Netherlands with orders over €100. Shipping is free in the rest of the EU for orders over €1500. Every LED light or lighting product comes with an exclusive seed voucher for Dutch Passion seed company, this can go up to a 200 euro seed voucher per LED grow light.

If you have ever tried importing a grow light directly from a USA manufacturer you will know how difficult it is. Import duties/tax and relevant paperwork needs to be dealt with. The USA manufacturer has to fill in export paperwork whether they are exporting one light or 100. Some will only sell minimum order quantities of 10 units because of the administrative burden. When you buy a grow light from LED By Passion there are no extra imports duties or VAT to be paid. Nor are there any extra forms or paperwork.

Free Dutch Passion seed e-voucher with all orders

Depending on the value of your order you will get a free e-voucher to spend on the Dutch Passion seed website  Not only do you get a leading LED grow light, you also get free seeds from Dutch Passion. If you have any questions before or after buying your LED grow light simply call our help team for advice or support. As well as offering the best grow lights, LED by Passion also offer top quality support from highly experienced professionals.