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fSpectrum+ 4-Pack | 125W | Excite LED Grow Lights

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LED Grow Lights by Excite are among the most advanced and efficient solutions in horticultural lighting. The symbiosis of the latest LED technology with the unique & innovative features, make our LED Grow Lights stand among the best in its class.

Why choose Excite's (i)ntelligent or (f)ixed Spectrum?

● One of the most advanced LED grow systems currently available
● Highest electrical efficiency available: 2.9 PPF/Watt, producing 35% more plant-beneficial light per watt than high-pressure sodium (HPS) while generating less than 60% heat
● Up to 50% savings on energy and HVAC compared to HPS lights

● Equal optic (light) distribution (COB Technology). Excite offer more intensity/canopy penetration resulting in stronger/denser fruit development. Excite fSpectrum is a flexible COB LED grow system: you can combine multiple units and expand indefinitely to illuminate every coverage area
● Unique 2 Channel Spectrum control & Dimming function in 1 (only possible with iSpectrum)
● Completely silent because of it's passive thermal management
● High return investment
● Zero maintenance
● For Allround applications
● For full cycle grows (VEG to Bloom)
● Cuttings - Seedlings - Mothers - Flowering Plants
● Lifespan: more than 8 years (when operating 16 hours per day), 80% luminosity after 60.000 hours (or 6 years continuous operation) 

Many plants use circadian rythm influencers from light such as the photoperiod length of light in a day phytochrome status (balance of red to far red light), cryptochrome (blue light response) and heliochrome (green to far red ratio), all to help a plant choose how to grow. These systems set the season in addition to temperature sometimes for the plant to know how to respond. In essence you can control the plants to a large degree if you have control over the output spectrum! Having control over the portions of the emitted color spectrum allows to induce fruiting and flowering all year round, grow plants short or tall, all this is possible and configurable with our iSpectrum and iSpectrum Pro.

As lighting pioneers, we have embraced, developed, tested, distributed and continue to refine working with topshelf LED technologies to help home growers as well as horticulture operations generate high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and maintaining energy efficiency. The Excite lighting systems offer industry-leading uniformity and energy efficiency, making it ideal for licensed cannabis producers who want to increase yields, quality and profitability.

 PPF: 1452 µmol/s
 Power consumption (watts): 500 (125 typical per module x 4)
 Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.9
 Thermal management: Passive
 Spectrum: Fixed / Full Spectrum | 380nm - 780nm (''warm-white'', rich in 430nm - 450nm, 530nm - 580nm and 620nm - 660nm wavelengths)
 Fixture 4-Pack Weight: 8.8 kg (4,85 lbs)
 Area coverage: Vegetative: 180 cm x 180 cm (3' x 3') | Flowering: 120 cm x 120 cm (2' x 2')
 Canopy distance at full power: 30-45 cm for high light plants (60 cm x 60 cm / 2' x 2' coverage; CO2 supplementation recommended) |
45-60 cm for high light plants (90 cm x 90 cm / 3' x 3' coverage)
Warranty: 3 Years on LED Module, 5 Years on Power Supply
 What's in the box? 4 x fSpectrum+ LED Module | 4 x Hanging ropes | 4 x External power supply | 4 x 4m (13 ft) power cable | User manual

Excite LED

Excite benefits of using LEDs in horticulture

Uncompromising Intensity

Crafted from a superb piece of aluminum, the aerodynamic design of the fSpectrum+ primarily serves as a passive cooling mechanism. A power button ignites the powerful and vitalising light spectrum which applies to all plant species and in all growth cycles. The fSpectrum+ is one of the most efficient lighting systems on the market, producing 35% more plant-beneficial light per watt than high-pressure sodium (HPS) while generating less than 60% heat.

fSpectrum + (Excite LED)          Agent 939 LED FX 2


The wide-banded output spectrum, rich in 430nm - 450nm, 530nm - 580nm and 620nm - 660nm wavelengths, is perfectly suitable to all plant species from seed to
harvest, where the spectral distribution follows the curve of the relative quantum efficiency of McCree (1972). The uncompromising intensity of the warm white light
provides a balanced mix of all spectral colours for strong stem formation and bushy growth with short internodal spacing in the vegetative phase and sturdy fruiting
branches with high yields in the generative phase.

fSpectrum Spectrum Excite LED

PPFD Measurements


PPFD Map Excite LED

logoHigh Performance

With only 125 Watts, the fSpectrum+ system brings an impressive number of photons to the plant canopy. The photon flux (PPF) of 363 μmol/s (> 2.9 PPF / Watt) provides high light intensities on the recommended illumination surface and ensures highest photosynthesis rates.

logo2 Lighting Control (optional)

The fSpectrum series can be controlled by several industrial standard protocols (DALI, 0-10V, PWM), allowing to schedule a gentle morning rise and sun-dawn of light intensity - for minimal light stress and maximum savings.

logo3 Made in Switzerland

Made only from the finest components, the fSpectrum+ is a secure investment and guarantees long and maintenance-free operation. Our products are manufactured in Switzerland, where no compromises are made to the detriment of quality and efficiency.

logo4 100% Coverage

The arrangement of several fSpectrum+ modules above the plant canopy ensures a uniform as well as diffuse and shadow-free illumination. The result is homogeneous growth as well as even nutrient and water uptake: for optimum control and consistently high yields.

logo5 Grow Smart

Our grow lights contribute to energy cost savings of more than 60%. Compared to conventional luminaries, our systems generate more PAR and produce less heat, all with a longer service life and without the use of highly toxic chemicals.

logo6 3 Years Warranty

Even after 60.000 hours or 6 years of continuous operation, the luminosity of the fSpectrum+ will maintain up to 80%. The fSpectrum+ runs practically maintenance-free and the replacement of bulbs is a thing of the past, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty.

Excite efficient, energy saving LEDExcite quality, photosynthetic spectrumExcite grow more invest less, high PPF per Watt, maximize production minimize cost

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Color Black
Manufacturer Excite
Operating Temperature No
Heat Output - BTU No
Light Output PPF No
Weight 10
Adjustable Spectrum No
Power Consumption 0 - 800W