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Cultivator LED PLUS+ | Method Seven

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The Cultivator LED Plus provides great value and exceptional color balancing for LED lighting with our proprietary lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision.

Lenses are polycarbonate with 100% UV protection and Flash Silver exterior lens coating. Like other premium eyewear and unlike typical value eyewear, these lenses are decentered (asymmetrical) to eliminate distortion that would otherwise occur with a curved lens. The Cultivator frame features a rubber nose pad which holds the frames comfortably for hours, even in hot conditions. Microfiber pouch included for proper cleaning and storage.

Method Seven protection glasses protect your eyes against the very powerful light of led grow lights, that can be harmful to your eyes. Especially when you spend a lot of time in a space that is lit by a led grow light, your eyes can be in danger of getting damaged. That is why we always advise strongly to wear eye protection when you work with led grow lights. The longterm effects of led light to the human eye is not yet known, but we can assure you out of our own experience that it can not be good. Looking directly into the lights is not possible at all and if you spend time near to your operating led grow light, you will start to see black spots and you will develop a headache. Again, always wear eye protection!

Method Seven glasses offer optimal protection against the intensity and spectrum of powerful led grow lights and they also provide 100% protection against UV radiation. Method Seven glasses are made from high quality polycarbonate and have a Tri-Flection Methane Coating, that reduces reflection and tones down the brightness of the light. Method Seven glasses are developed by Carl Zeiss Vision, the world's biggest manufacturer of precision optics.

An additional advantage of Method Seven glasses, is that the green lenses filter the colors. Most led grow lights wil emit a powerful purple light, which will turn your  whole growroom and everything that is in it purple. Put on your Method Seven glasses and you will see daylight colors again. This is much nicer for your eyes and it allows you to see the real colors of your plants, leafs, fruits and flowers.

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Color Black
Manufacturer Method Seven
Operating Temperature No
Heat Output - BTU No
Light Output PPF No
Weight 0.5
Adjustable Spectrum No
Power Consumption No