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Here you will find an overview of all accessories for our LED grow lights, such as light hangers, corresponding cables and drivers.

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  1. €4.99

    The Light Hangers of LED By Passion allow you to secure items quickly and easily. The adjustable system pulls tight, locks in place, will never break or slip, and will not rust. Made with special composite material. Heat and cold resistant. 8 braided polypropylene rope.

  2. €16.95

    Analogue Timer | LeGrand

    The analogue Timer of LeGrand can be preset with a specific on/off time for your electrical appliances and is perfect for use with powerful LED grow lights.

    The timer can be set to switch on/off with a switching time of 15 minutes and can be set per day.

    Day program
    – 24 hour program
    – Analogue timer

  3. €11.95

    Digital Timer | Cornwall Electronics

    The programmable digital timer of Cornwall Electronics can be preset on a specific on/off time for your electrical appliances and is perfect to use with powerful LED grow lights or other grow equipment.

    The timer has an LCD screen and 8 full programming functions which can be switched on and off. The timer is easy to install and has to be plugged in. In case of power failure, the battery will take over for a maximum 100 hours.

    The timer has a maximum connection power of 3500W and can be programmed per minute.

     8 programs
    Hour/day/week program
    ON provides access to programs
    Choice of modes 2/24 hours
     Daylight saving time (Summertime): useful for areas under hourly variations.
    Random function: allows implement programs with a random delay from 0-32 minutes.
    16 days programmable combinations
    Single or groups of days.

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