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Disclaimer 2017

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Links to other websites have been included for your convenience. LED By Passion does not accept responsibility for information or services on any other website.

LED By Passion cannot be held responsible for, nor can condone any illegal activities resulting from the purchase of any of the equipment and/or products. We dispatch our goods with the reservation that they will not be used by third parties in conflict with the law.

LED By Passion does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. We expressly point out that all those who purchase our goods are responsible for their actions in the future. LED By Passion will accept no responsibility in this respect.

If not mentioned otherwise all our prices are without VAT.

All our products and services are subject of our Terms and Conditions.

1.Products obtained through LED By Passion, will not be made available, delivered, prepared, processed, manufactured, offered for sale, sold, provided, transported, or held in stock by LED By Passion, should we have any knowledge of, or have serious reasons to suspect that, these products are destined to be used to commit criminal offences as established in article 11a in conjunction with article 11, third and fifth paragraphs of the Opium Act.  As well as article 1 paragraph 2 Opium Act Decree, namely, for the professional or commercial large-scale or professional cultivation, of hemp as referred to in these articles.

2. The purchaser is deemed to know that offering for re-sale, selling, delivering or providing of products supplied by LED By Passion to a another buyer, who is guilty of the above mentioned professional or commercial or large-scale and / or organized hemp cultivation, or facilitation of these cultivation, may lead to suspicion of LED By Passion of committing a criminal offence within the meaning of Section 11a in conjunction with article 11 paragraph 3 and paragraph 5 of the Opium Act.

3. With regard to the duty of care towards both LED By Passion, as the purchaser of products supplied by LED By Passion, and to prevent LED By Passion being guilty of violating article 11a of the Opium act, the purchaser states by placing his order by LED By Passion, that products ordered by him are not to be made available, delivered, prepared, processed, manufactured, offered for sale, sold, provided or transported for the purpose of professional or commercial or large-scale and / or organized hemp cultivation.

4. Should the purchaser in any way become aware that products purchased or delivered by him, will be used for professional or commercial or large-scale and / or organized hemp cultivation, as referred to in this disclaimer, he commits himself by purchasing products from LED By Passion, to immediately notify LED By Passion on this matter.

5. Purchaser undertakes to not to export any goods to countries where importing products under the laws of the country constitutes a criminal offense. Should the purchaser act in breach of this obligation, or in breach of foreign criminal provisions on the possession or use of products under the laws of the country, then will be acted in accordance with paragraph 6, 7 and 8 of this disclaimer.

6. If the purchaser acts contrary to the provisions of this disclaimer LED By Passion will immediately terminate the agreement and not proceed to delivery. All business related contacts with the purchaser in question will be terminated immediately. LED By Passion is then entitled to charge all damages, including lost profit, to the purchaser. There is, in that case, no right to compensation for the purchaser.

7. Should the purchaser offer for sale, sell, deliver or make available to the benefit of professional or commercial or large-scale or professional hemp cultivation, contrary to this disclaimer and / or the Dutch Opium legislation, concerning products and / or cannabis products , he is liable for the whole damage LED By Passion will suffer as a result of any criminal investigation or prosecution, as well as damage due to any administrative action against LED By Passion and / or its employees.

8. The term damage includes any direct or indirect damage, material and immaterial damage, business interruption, consequential and other damages which LED By Passion will suffer as a result of criminal investigation and / or prosecution and / or administrative measures. These losses also include, but are not limited to, lost profits, legal advice costs and other types of consulting, damage to reputation, loss of goods, material and immaterial damage.