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SK 402+ 120˚ | 460 Watts | Spectrum King

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Spectrum King - 402 - Spectrum Graph

The Spectrum King 402+ 120˚ is the greatly upgraded version of its predecessor, the 400+. The SK 402+ is equipped with the same 120˚ lens, but has an improved passive cooling and is more powerful than the 400+. Its lumen, the amount of visible light per unit of time, has been increased to 46,000, and state of the art CREE LEDs were used. Together, these improvements make the light radiated by the SK402 at least 15% more powerful than that of the SK400. Another interesting adjustment in the design, is the use of so-called Smart Power Supplies, which can provide analytic data in the event of a defect. The most prominent innovation is probably the colour, as the 402+ is Spectrum King’s first white model. The advantage of white casing, is that it better reflects the heat of neighbouring lights than black casing does. Just like other Spectrum King models, the SK402+ is practically waterproof, so that the lights do not get damaged by sprayed or sprinkled water.

Spectrum King’s technicians habitually assume that natural sunlight is best for your plants, so that the SK 402+ 120˚ is also equipped with Full Spectrum range. This means, that the SK 402+ radiates a white, sunlight-like light, in which your plants feel perfectly at home during all stages of their development.

The 120˚ lens on this grow light is meant to spread the light as wide as possible. This allows you to hang your light low above the canopy, as you can see in the specifications below. Spectrum King grow lights with 120˚ lenses are mostly used for spaces with multiple plants that do not have to grow very high. Because the light spreads wide, a grow light with a 120˚ lens is much more suitable for a relatively low grow room than a grow light with a 90˚ lens.

Spectrum King | Inside The Garden Day 61

The Spectrum King technicians typically assume that natural sunlight is best for your plants. For that reason the SK402+ LED-grow light was equipped with a Full Spectrum light range in which plants will feel very comfortable through each of their growing stages.

Spectrum King | Factory / Manufacturing


-    Power consumption: 460 Watt
-    Comparible with:  650 Watts Double Ended HPS light
-    Safe hanging distance: at least 106 - 137 cm (Vegetative), 46 - 61 cm (Flowering) above the canopy*
-    Footprint: 182 x 182 cm (growth), 122 x 122 cm (bloom)
-    Lifespan: + 50.000 hours
-    Weight: 11,3 kg
-    Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 28 cm
-    Optional: built-in Dimmer

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