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Mother's Lil' Helper | 100 Watts | Spectrum King

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Spectrum King Mother’s Lil' Helper 100W LED Grow Light Spectrum Graph VEG

Mother's Lil' Helper by Spectrum King is a very efficient 100 Watts LED grow light, intended for plants that need to grow only. The “MLH” mainly contains blue and green diodes, providing the light spectrum which, during the growing phase, the plant needs for quick and healthy growth. Especially designed 90-degrees reflectors ensure that the light is evenly spread over the plants.

The Spectrum King MLH was manufactured with the same high-quality materials and uses the same techniques as the bigger variants in the Spectrum King series. The MLH therefore has the same IP65 certification, which means that it meets the international standards for equipment, intended for use in a humid environment. Extra efficient heat conductors ensure a correct and quiet disposal of warmth and minimal radiant heat.

Spectrum King | Mother's Lil Helper (MLH) LED Veg Light & Closet Case (CC) LED Light Explained

Spectrum King | Factory / Manufacturing


-    Power consumption: 100 Watts
-    Comparible with:  250 Watts HPS light
-    Safe hanging distance: 41 - 61 cm
-    Footprint: 122 x 122 cm VEG
-    Lifespan: + 50.000 hours
-    Weight: 2,3 kg
-    Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 25 cm

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