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Telos 0010 | 300W | GN

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Light output/PPF: 560 µmol/s

Power consumption (watts): 0 - 300

Electrical efficiency (µmol/J): 2.1+

Spectrum Control: Not adjustable

Spectrum: Full spectrum (3002 Kelvin - white light)

Safe hanging distance: 50 – 60 cm (20 - 24 inch) from your canopy at full power

Coverage area: 80 x 80 cm – 100 x 100 cm (31 x 31 inch – 40 x 40 inch)

Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C (0 - 107 F)

Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Fixture weight: 10kg

Warranty: 3 years

LED lifetime rating: 85.000 hours

Certifications: CE

Thermal Management: Passive (no noise)


    GN Indoor Spectrum                                                                                                    GN Greenhouse Spectrum
Telos 0006 GN Indoor SpectrumTelos 0006 GN Greenhouse Spectrum


Telos 0010 PPFD Measurements LED Grow Light GN Grow Northern

Telos 0010 PPFD Measurements LED Grow Light GN Grow Northern

Telos 0010 PPFD Measurements LED Grow Light GN Grow Northern

Top mount driver

GN Telos 10 Grow Light Dimensions

Remote driver kit

GN Telos 10 Grow Light Dimensions with Remote Driver Kit

Hangers assembly
GN Telos 6 Hanging Kit

How to install

▫ Hang the Telos fixture at a minimum of 40cm from the top of the plant canopy. Optimal distance from the canopy for indoor top lighting applications is between 60- 80cm and between 1-2m for greenhouse applications. For large indoor or greenhouse applications please request a custom PPFD design.
▫ Ensure the frame or fitting that you are attaching can support the fixture weight. We recommend using fixings and framework that are specified to support 2-3 times the fixture weight minimum to ensure the light is secured correctly.
▫ Observe the safety warnings given above and ambient temperature limits specified in the mechanical tab.

Telos power connectors
Connecting the GN Telos 6 Power Cable
Connecting the input cable
Align the white arrow on the female connector with the unlocked padlock symbol on the male connector and push the two connectors together until you hear a click and the white arrow is facing the locked padlock symbol.Disconnecting the GN Telos 6 Power Cable

Disconnecting the input cable
Twist the black casing on the female connector anticlockwise until the white arrow is pointing to the unlocked padlock and then pull the two connectors apart.

System Link Assembly of the Telos 6
▫ H CONNECTOR PART NO. 46.030.1255.7.GN
▫ LINK CABLE PART NO. 46.030.1000.GN (1m version) | 46.030.2000.GN (2m version)

* Its important to limit the number of linked systems per circuit breaker correctly as recommended in the electrical specifications.

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