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Chill K-1400 | Magnus Light

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The Magnus Chill K-1400 is a professional liquid cooling system for the Magnus MW-350 and Magnus MW-700 fixtures. The system can be used with one or multiple fixtures up to 1400W.

A chiller is based on the fact that an evaporating fluid is taking energy out of its environment and a condensating fluid is giving off energy to its environment.

The main benefits of using the MAGNUS MW fixtures with a chiller:
● The lifetime of the LED diodes is much longer because they don't ''burn themselves'' up as fast as air cooled LED diodes do. Because the LED diodes get cooled much better than air cooled LED diodes, they don't get as hot and this doubles their lifetime
● It is possible to cool the liquid (and by this the fixtures) below ambient temperature
● This setup is cheaper than air cooled setups above 4 fixtures

 The main features:
- When the system is disconnected, a security alarm will go off
- Real-time temperature monitoring, accurate knowledge of the working condition of the heated fixtures
- Professional air-cooled radiator with an efficient system to dissipating heat
- Equipped with alarm output port to protect sensitive components quickly.
- Low failure rate

To protect the LED diodes, the fan is inactive when the temperature of the fluid is below 10°c. The fan becomes active again when the temperature of the fluid rises above 20°c.

Please Pay Attention !
- It is strictly forbidden to connect the chiller without coolant
- Cooler should be placed in a well ventilated, dry place away from heat sources
- The cooling water should be drained and when the chiller has to be transported or when not in use for a long time
- To protect equipment, the condenser cooling fan will suspend to work when the water temperature is lower (10 degrees) and it will run again when the temperature rises to higher (20 degrees)

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