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SoLunar Controller | Fluence Bioengineering

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The Fluence SoLunar Controller is a programmable dimming system that allows you to easily control your Fluence LED Lighting Fixtures and control the PAR intensity levels for your plants. Since all of our products are dimmable, the SoLunar allows you to adjust your LED fixtures to a specific output level.

Fluence SoLunar Controller
runs a 24-hour digital clock, which can be used to create a sunrise/sunset schedule. This innovative feature allows your plants to experience the same gentle light patterns they would experience in nature.

The Fluence SoLunar Controller features three dimming output ports, and thus can independently control up to three sets of LED fixtures with a separate dimming cycle. It can also be used to manually adjust the intensity for each port. The SoLunar is compatible with our SPYDR fixtures and individual LED Light Bars.

NOTE: While the SoLunar Controller can adjust dimming levels of SPYDR fixtures from 0-100% intensity, we strongly recommend use of a programmable timer to control the power circuit feeding the LED fixtures. The Fluence/BML SoLunar Controller is not designed to hold program settings in the event of a power loss, so we encourage all customers to use a timer to ensure your plants receive a consistent photoperiod.


24 hour digital clock
Manual dimming function for on-demand intensity adjustments
Three dimming channels (0-100% output)
Select between two dimming protocols: 0-10V analog and PWM


SoLunar Controller
Power Cord
Three 'plug-and-play' dimming cables for Fluence/BML fixtures (3.5mm plugs)

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