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Optilux + Dimmer | 640W | URSA

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● PPF: 1500 μmol/s (@ 60 cm)
● Power consumption: 640 W

● Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.2
● Thermal Management: Passive
● Spectrum: Fixed / Full Spectrum | 350nm - 950nm (‘’bright white’’)
● Fixture weight: 20,8 kg (45,85 lbs)
● Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 14,5 cm (2' x 2' x 5,7'')
● Area coverage: 100 x 100 cm - 120 x 120 cm (3,3' x 3,3' - 4' x 4')
● Canopy distance: 60 cm (2')
● Warranty: 3 year full manufacturers warranty

Optilux Spectrum Agent 939 LED FX 2
Only a select few tell you the important metrics of a horticulture lighting system and PPFD  is definitely one of them! To some extend you could say: the higher the PPFD measurements, the higher the rate of photosynthesis and final yield will be. We recommend an average PPFD between:

100 and 300 μmol/m2/s for Seeds (for optimal conditions: additional CO2, ~400 ppm)
75 and 150 μmol/m2/s for Vegetative Cuttings (for optimal conditions: additional CO2, ~400-800 ppm)
300 and 600 μmol/m2/s for the Vegetative phase, including Mother plants (for optimal results: additional CO2, ~400-800 ppm)
600 and 1000 μmol/m2/s for optimal results during the Flowering/Reproductive phase, without additional CO2 (for amazing results: additional CO2, ~800-1400 ppm)
1000 and 1500 μmol/m2/s for phenomenal results during the Flowering/Reproductive phase WITH additional CO2, ~1400 ppm. Some strains can not thrive or even handle this photon flux density without supplemental CO2

1 x Optilux PPFD measurements in a 120 x 120 cm (4' x 4') canopy demonstration
URSA Optilux PPFD photosynthetic photon flux density LED Grow Light

4 x Optilux PPFD measurements in a 120 x 490 cm (4' x 16') single-row demonstration
URSA Optilux PPFD photosynthetic photon flux density LED Grow Light

URSA is a USA based company and are here to bring the next generation of LED grow lights; they are growers at heart and engineers to the core. Everything they do is purpose-built for high- PPFD cultivation and their unique LED technology represents high ef ciency, cutting edge power output, spectral performance, advanced thermal management technology and optical distribution. URSA is deeply rooted in Taiwan’s signature business; the Semiconductor Industry or chip making. Taiwan is world’s biggest chip maker and produces more than one- fth of the global total. In addition, URSA’s engineering staff connected with COFAN USA, a leader in thermal and mechanical solutions for today’s accelerating technological challenges. Their mindfully engineered thermal management solution allows for superior noise-free heat dissipation, increasing the ef ciency, life expectancy, and durability while reducing operating costs.

Not all light is equal. URSA’s LED light engines represent the cutting edge, featuring patented 3-Pad chips on a customized circuit board. This technology allows them to condense more chips in a smaller area while still driving at high wattage. The result is a grow light with unmatched canopy penetration and power.

The Optilux LED Grow Light outperforms most lights in power, uniformity, ef ciency and yield; It offers much higher PPFD levels than 1000W Double-Ended HPS bulbs. URSA uses a specialized phosphor conversion formulated to provide the 8 photosynthetic peaks needed for high-intensity crops to excel. This includes the right amount of UV down to 350nm as well as Far-Red up to 780nm. The end result is a full- spectrum grow light engineered for ower production and built to take HPS technology head-on.

At only 640 watts (measured from the wall), it produces an astounding PPFD of 1500 μmol/m2/s at the center of the coverage area, compared to only 900 μmol/m2/s produced by a 1200 watt HID, while covering a 120 x 120 cm (4’ x 4’) area.

We are confident that the combination of innovation, high quality components, deep canopy penetration and competitive pricing will fulfill your needs.

The new standard has arrived

● Reduced inter-nodal spacing
● Increased leaf-to-stem strength (tensile)
● Faster vegetative growth
● Increased canopy penetration (advantage of COB LED technology)
- Significantly increased sugar production
● Up to 50% Savings on Energy and HVAC
● 30% More light than 1000W Double Ended HPS while using only 640 Watts


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