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Q4W | 150W | SANlight

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The Q4W of SANlight is a high quality indoor LED grow light which can be used as a top lightning in the vegetative and bloom phase. The system is designed for illumination of plants with high light demands and can be used in small and large cultivation areas.

The secondary optics (lens) have a radiation angle of 90° which distributes the light homogeneously over your cultivation area. Because of this radiation angle, the light scattering is minuscule.

The lights are daisy-chainable up to 7 lights and can be combined and used with the Q6W connected to the same power plug. When the lights are connected via the extension-cables and t-connectors they can be operated from one single power point. This light system can be used from 18 hours (VEG) to 12 (bloom) hours per day.

During VEG, less power and light output is necessary to keep your plants healthy (1x Q4W in a 60x60cm, 1-2x Q4W in a 100x100cm), during bloom higher light levels and more power is needed to give you the best quality harvest (1x Q4W in a 60x60cm and 2-3x Q4W in a 100x100cm).

Advanced LED grow light system

Replaces a 250 watts HPS with 40% less energy

Better yields and healthier plants

Perfect for VEG and bloom phase

Perfect for SCROG

Perfect for small or large scale grows

Lifespan: more than 80.000 hours

Dimensions: 48,6 x 17,7 x 12,8 cm (19 x 7 x 5 inch)

3 year warranty

Important: This LED light is sold without powercable or any other cables!

The powercable, extension cable and T-connector are sold seperately.

Click here for these accessories.


SANlight Q6W LED Grow Light Applications


Light output/PPF: 400 µmol/s

Power consumption (watts): 0 - 150

Electrical efficiency (µmol/J): 2,7

Spectrum Control: Digital | Programmable

Spectrum: white

Safe hanging distance: 25 – 40 cm (10 - 16 inch) from your canopy at full power

Coverage area: 100 x 100 cm (2-3 Q4W) – 120 x 120 (3-4 Q4W)

Operating temperature: 5 - 40°C (41 - 104 F)

Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Fixture weight: 3,75 kg (11 Lbs)

Warranty: 3 years

LED lifetime rating: 80.000+ hours

Cable length: 26 cm (10 inch)

Thermal Management: Passive (No noise)



SANlight Q6W LED Grow Light Spectrum Spectral Output Dutch Passion

EXPOSURE TIME         AREA 60 x 60CM (2 x 2FT)        AREA 100 x 100CM (2,6 x 2,6FT)

18 hours per day:          1 x Q4W                                      1-2 x Q4W
12 hours per day:          2 x Q4W                                      2 x Q4W

LED light can be harmful for your eyes, therefore we recommend you to wear the Method Seven glasses to protect your eyes. Besides protection, the glasses filters the light to normal daylight colours which allows you to see the normal green colour of the plant. The broadband spectrum makes sure your plant gets a maximum photosynthesis rate and helps the plant regulate its hormone balance.

broadband light spectrum
maximum photosynthesis
400nm – 760bn – warm white colour


The LED light can be used in small and large cultivation areas. Two to three Q4W's can be used in a cultivation area of 100 x 100cm with a canopy distance between 25 to 40cm. The lights are daisy-chainable up to 7 lights and can be mixed with the Q6W.

The quality of the design and manufacturing is extremely high and is one of the most impressive aspects of Sanlight. The system delivers high light intensity (PPFD) which makes them perfect for fruit-forming plants.

The lights are build with upgrading possibilities, this means a part of the module can easily be replaced by e.g. newer LED chips, which is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


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Color Silver
Manufacturer SANLight
Operating Temperature No
Heat Output - BTU No
Light Output PPF 400
Weight 3.75
Adjustable Spectrum No
Power Consumption 0 - 200W