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SolarXtreme 250 | 200 watts | California Lightworks

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SolarXtreme 250

The SolarXtreme 250 of California Lightworks is an easy to use LED grow light, designed for grow tents and small-scale home growing. This low-power system uses only 200 watts with a maximum heat output of 640 BTU.

The SolarXtreme series uses a direct AC drive and is designed with a COB (chip on board), so LED drivers are not needed. This allows you to use high-efficiency LED's at much lower cost than traditional LED's. This means you can benefit from a full-spectrum grow light, suited for all stages of plant growth and flowering of indoor plants, vegetables and flowers. No adjustments are needed during the growing cycle.

The SolarXtreme 250 is an innovative LED grow light developed for small-scale indoor horticulture and it is very suited for people who like to keep the power draw at low cost.

● Advanced LED grow light system

● Higher yields and better quality

● Perfect for propagation, veg or bloom

● Low power usage

● Easy to Install

● Perfect for small scale grows and grow tents

● Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 11 cm (8,5 x 8,5 x 4 inch)

● 3 year warranty

*The SolarXtreme series is not compatible with the SolarSystem Controller. The light system must be plugged into a standard timer for automated scheduling.

**The system doesn't have an onboard power switch. When connected to an active power outlet or timer, the light will power on.



● PPFD: 500-800 µmol/s/m2 measured at 30-45 cm

● Power consumption (watts): 200

● Spectrum Control: Digital | Not programmable

● Spectrum: Optigrow light spectrum (full spectrum – white)

● Safe hanging distance: 30 – 45 cm (12 - 18 inch) from your canopy at full Power in bloom

● Coverage area Bloom: 90x 90 cm ( 3 x 3 feet)

Coverage area VEG: 122 x 122 cm (4 x 4 feet)

Operating temperature: 0 - 41.7°C (0 - 107 F)

Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

● Fixture weight: 2,7 kg

Heat output: 640 BTU

Footprint: 80 x 80 cm – 100 x 100 cm

Certifications: UL & CE

● Thermal Management: Active (Fans)



spectrum solarxtreme

LED light can be harmful for your eyes, therefore we recommend you to wear the Method Seven (Agent LED Fx) glasses to protect your eyes. Besides protection, the glasses filters the light to normal daylight colours which allows you to see the normal green colour of the plant.

The SolarXtreme range of full spectrum LED grow lights features the exclusive Optigrow light spectrum which offers the best results for all phases of growth in a single fixture. Optigrow has been specially formulated and tested to give the best results for all phases of growth while offering full power for bloom and high yields.


The SolarXtreme 250 has a maximum power of 200 watts and is a great choice for growers with smaller grow tents, with grow environments of 80 x 80 cm.

The COB LED design reduces cost without sacrificing performance and the Optigrow light spectrum offers the best results and high yields.

The system is very light in weight (about 3kg) and has a very large coverage area, compared to other systems. The grow light is ideal for professional home growers who want to increase yields, quality and profitability.

SolarXtreme 250 specifications

Download here the SolarXtreme specifications

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Color Black
Manufacturer California Lightworks
Operating Temperature No
Heat Output - BTU No
Light Output PPF No
Weight 2.7
Adjustable Spectrum No
Power Consumption 0 - 200W
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