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Why grow with LED?

LED is the modern way to grow indoors.  Indoor LED grow lights are energy efficient and will reduce electricity costs significantly compared to HPS lights.  Our indoor grow lights are designed with the perfect light spectrum for indoor urban growing meaning better tasting fruit,vegetables and herbs.  Unlike HPS lights, our LED unit does not waste expensive energy producing large amounts of heat and less useful orange/yellow light wavelengths.

LED is more eco friendly, using less energy and wasting less heat than older HPS technology which rely on inefficient glowing filament technology to produce light.  LED is inherently more efficient and reliable, the wavelengths can be careful selected, and every Watt of electricity is used efficiently by some of the most advanced LED technology.  Our indoor LED grow lights are a great choice for the environmentally conscious indoor urban grower looking to reduce energy costs without compromising performance.  And because LED is low energy and efficient it runs with very little heat reducing the complications of grow room cooling and air extraction.

LED By Passion.  We supply the urban LED grower with the best indoor LED grow light technology which will allow you to run your grow room with less electricity costs than HPS light without compromising yields, taste or quality.